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This is what getting caught in an avalanche looks like

| blog, L&B World, News | April 9, 2015

Warning: Strong language

Avalanches always look really cool on camera, however they are slightly more on the ‘terrifying’ side when you are actually in one.

Amateur skier Zach Birnie captured the nail-biting moment he was caught in a small avalanche recently.

While heading down one of the slopes in Revelstoke, Colorado the snow gave way and in a matter of seconds he was enveloped in snow.

Thankfully he wasn’t completely buried – which was fortunate as he appeared to be skiing alone and therefore would have almost certainly perished in an icy tomb.

Zach survived to tell the tale though… and share this awesome POV footage of what it is like to be in an avalanche.

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How the election might look if we lived in a world made of Lego

| blog, General election 2015, L&B World, UK | April 9, 2015

A common criticism of politicians these days is that they all look and sound the same as each other.

Well these case all came from the same mould (literally) – it’s the British political scene made out of Lego!

Bloomberg, who created the video, have done a pretty good job of turning the party leaders into children’s toys – we especially like Ed Miliband’s hair.

But putting Nicola Sturgeon in tartan and carrying some bagpipes? Too easy guys.

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Nicola Sturgeon - because she's Scottish, geddit? (Picture: Bloomberg)
Nicola Sturgeon – because she’s Scottish, geddit? (Picture: Bloomberg)
Ed Miliband looks scared next to the PM (Picture: Bloomberg)
Ed Miliband looks scared next to the PM (Picture: Bloomberg)

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They are predicting the numbers to ‘stack up in Ed Miliband’s favour’, but note this will give the Lib Dems a lot of bargaining power in terms of who they decide to side with.

Let’s just hope Lego release a line of ‘political figures of the United Kingdom’ toys – kids would absolutely love them…

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Guess who this is? It's uncanny! (Picture: Bloomberg)
Guess who this is? It’s uncanny! (Picture: Bloomberg)

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Schoolboy makes freedom of information request to find out exam questions

| blog, L&B World, Weird | April 9, 2015

45,000 pupils will resit GCSE English exams in November (Picture: PA)
What a crafty guy (Picture: PA)

For most children cheating in exams usually involves writing some answers on your palm and later gazing on a black smudge which is no help at all.

One German student however has perfected the discipline, and if you don’t agree with his reasoning you have to at least admit he has gusto.

Simon Schräder, from Münster filed the German equivalent of a freedom of information request to see the questions in a test he was due to take.

While he might be savvy, the 17-year-old’s forward planning skills aren’t too sharp, as freedom of information requests legally need to be replied to within one month – meaning Simon should get his response on April 21 at the latest, but his first exam is on April 16.

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He told the Guardian: ‘I did think beforehand that they probably wouldn’t send me the exams. I’m already revising, and I’m not relying on them to get back to me.

‘I thought it was worth a try; I just wanted to see what they would say.’

Simon’s stunt has even landed him with a job offer from transparency- related search website Correctiv, which he says he will accept if he has time before starting university.

Sylvia Löhrmann, a spokeswoman from Fragdenstaat.de, where Simon made the request, simply said the reuqest is ‘being processed’, however a blog post from the organisation was a little more skeptical, adding that ‘requests will be turned down if they would “significantly impact the success of an upcoming administrative measure”‘.

Nice try Simon – maybe next time.

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Eating your wife is fair game in this country (but ONLY if you’re really hungry)

| blog, L&B World, World | April 9, 2015

Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh listens to the speech of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud at the Saudi Shura (consultative) Council in the Saudi Capital Riyadh on March 15, 2008. AFP PHOTO/HASSAN AMMAR (Photo credit should read HASSAN AMMAR/AFP/Getty Images)
Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz (Picture: HASSAN AMMAR/AFP/Getty Images)


It’s okay to eat your wife in Saudi Arabia, but only if you’re extremely hungry.

A Mufti – a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters – has allegedly given the green light for cannibalism.

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah came under fire for this outrageous move, a number of Arabian websites are reporting.

Tayyar report roughly translates as: ‘Mufti of Saudi Arabia issued a new fatwa which allows a man to eat his wife in the event he is afflicted with a severe hunger.

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‘The Mufti of Saudi Arabia said it is evidence of the sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband.’

But religious authorities denied he made such claims.

Khalid ben Abdel-Rahman El-Shaye, assistant secretary general of the Global Commission for Introducing the Messenger, affiliating to the Muslim World League, told CNN Arabic: ‘The truth is that this is fabricated and made up from its basis.

‘These ill thoughts cannot come from any Muslim, regardless of a great scholar who Muslims refer to from around the world.’

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Paramedic suspended for refusing to pick up patient because he hadn’t had a break on 11-hour shift

| blog, L&B World, News | April 9, 2015

The paramedic refused to take the woman to Kingston Hospital (Picture: Standard)
The paramedic refused to take the woman to Kingston Hospital (Picture: Standard)

A paramedic who had worked for more than 11 hours without a break has been suspended for refusing to answer a 999 call.

Edmund Daly was on overnight duty when a call came in to help a 43-year-old woman who was believed to be pregnant and was vomiting and feeling dizzy.

A standards hearing was told that Mr Daly, a team leader for London Ambulance Service, wanted to ‘finish his shift on time’.

He has worked for the service for 30 years with an unblemished record.

The hearing was also told that the woman ended up waiting 90 minutes before being taken to hospital in Kingston.

Julian Weinberg, chairman of the Health and Care Professions Council, said his actions ‘seriously undermines public confidence in the profession.’

He said: ‘As a paramedic and as a team leader, he failed to make service users his main concern. (Daly) has also not demonstrated any remorse for his actions and such misconduct seriously undermines public confidence in the profession.

‘However, the panel has taken into account that this was an isolated incident in the registrant’s 30-year unblemished history of service as a paramedic and that it occurred after an 11-hour shift without a rest break.’

Daly’s ambulance controller told the hearing she was ‘disappointed’ at his behaviour, saying it was a ‘bonus’ for paramedics to finish their shifts on time and they were expected to work late when necessary.

Daly, who did not attend the hearing, had faced one count of misconduct.

In a written statement he asked the panel to consider health problems as a mitigating factor, as well as an incident involving a call to a fire in 2009 that had a ‘profound’ effect on him.

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Wheels of plane fell off plane in emergency landing at East Midlands Airport

| blog, L&B World, UK | April 9, 2015

Plane, East Midlands Airport
Dramatic image shows wheel off plane (Picture: Air Accidents Investigations Board)

An image showing the aftermath of a dramatic plane landing in the UK has been released.

The picture showed a set of wheels lying on the tarmac, while the plane was off kilter in the background.

At first glimpse you feared the worst but thankfully we already knew no-one was injured and the Boeing 737 was just carrying freight when it touched down at East Midlands Airport.

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The intense landing happened on April 29 last year after the plane, travelling from Paris, lost its wheels as it landed.

‘The aircraft shuddered and rolled slightly left-wing-low as the lower part of the main landing gear detached,’ said a report from the Air Accidents Investigations Board (AAIB).

Both pilots were uninjured.

The AAIB revealed the details of the crash landing today.

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What could go wrong? Family rescues lions from Gaza zoo and keeps them as pets

| blog, L&B World, Lions, Palestine, World | April 9, 2015

While the human cost of the Gaza conflict is large and extensive – the effect on the animals of the bomb-ridden region has also been very detrimental.

A zoo in the Gaza town of Rafah has sold male and female lion cubs, Mona and Alex, to a family living in the crowded Al-Shabura refugee camp.

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Saad al-Jamaal and his family are raising the cubs with the plan to encourage the two to have babies and create a lion cub petting zoo in the war-torn region.

(Picture: YouTube)
This my rug, my rug (Picture: YouTube)

Mr al-Jamaal said: ‘They’re living inside the house just like the children. They eat and drink inside the room and they have a bed that they both sleep on.

‘They will of course be moved to a larger area nearby at a park location where they will be kept in cages safely as they get older.’

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Rafah zoo owner, Mohammad Juma, explained the situation: ‘Because of the amount of animals, the bad economical situation, lack of leisure activities and that you don’t have enough food or money… this (situation) would make you sell anything you have to save the rest of the animals!’

Most of the zoo animals in Gaza have been hauled into the isolated territory through smuggling tunnels linking the territory to Egypt.

(Picture: YouTube)
Lion cubs, Mona and Alex (Picture: YouTube)


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Boy lives every kids’ dream by finding an actual DINOSAUR

| blog, L&B World, World | April 9, 2015

Wylie Brys, 5, background, watches as SMU's Michael Polcyn, right foreground, supervises the removal of a dinosaur bones encased plaster from Mansfield, Texas, Tuesday April 7, 2015. Wylie and his father,Tim Brys, with the Dallas Zoo, were fossil hunting when Wylie found the fossilized bones of a nodosaur. Southern Methodist University scientists helped Brys and son excavate the fossil.  (AP Photo/The Dallas Morning NewsRon Baselice)
Wylie Brys, 5, watches as the fossils are excavated (Picture: AP Photo/The Dallas Morning NewsRon Baselice)

A five-year-old boy has lived every kids’ dream: Finding a dinosaur.

Wylie Brys and his dad Tim stumbled across the fossil at the back of a supermarket in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, US.

That was back in September last year, but digging finally started last Friday.

At the time, Tim, a zookeeper, was not sure what his son had found, so the two kept digging because he knew there was a chance of finding Jurassic period marine life remnants in the area.

‘My dad told me it was a turtle,’ said Wylie. ‘But now he’s telling me it’s a dinosaur.’

Wylie Brys, 5, and his dad, Tim Brys continue to look for fossils in the same spot where Wylie found the fossilized bones of a nodosaur last September, in Mansfield, Texas, Tuesday April 7, 2015. Brys, who works at the Dallas Zoo, found the 100 million-year-old fossil with his son Wylie on a patch of land behind a grocery store at Matlock Road and Debbie Lane. On Tuesday, Southern Methodist University scientists Brys and son excavate the fossil.  (AP Photo/The Dallas Morning NewsRon Baselice)
The bones were found behind a supermarket (Picture: AP Photo/The Dallas Morning NewsRon Baselice)

University experts say it is rare to find a dinosaur in this area.

The fossils, which are believed to be about 100-million-years-old, were wrapped in burlap and plaster to create a protective shell around the bones.

They will be transported to Southern Methodist University for cleaning and assembly.

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Man strangled girlfriend after she complained about him wetting the bed

| blog, L&B World, UK | April 9, 2015

A girlfriend was strangled by her lover because she complained about him wetting the bed. Embarrassed Phillip Davies, 26, was staying overnight with Keelie Challoner, 25 (pictured) when he accidentally wet the bed. A court heard Miss Challoner told Davies to throw the mattress out of house - but he began throttling her in anger © WALES NEWS SERVICE
Keelie Challoner was strangled by her boyfriend (Picture: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

A man strangled his lover after she complained about him wetting the bed, a court heard recently.

Phillip Davies, 26, was staying the night with 25-year-old Keelie Challoner when he accidentally wet the bed.

She woke up and complained to Davies about the mess, before telling him to throw the soiled mattress out of the house, at which point an embarrassed Davies started throttling her.

The court heard how he ‘squeezed his hands tightly around her throat’, causing her to fear for her life.

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The pair, both from north Wales had been in a six-month relationship before the incident, which led to Davies being jailed for six months.

District Judge Gwyn Jones told Davies: ‘You took issue with the fact that she understandably did not wish to have a soiled bed in her house.

‘You became offensive towards her then violent. She did not know whether she was going to live or die.’

Davies pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Challoner, while the court heard from his defense that he was at ‘rock bottom’ at the time of the incident.

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Stuck for comebacks? Practice these and you’ll have every situation covered

| blog, L&B World, Weird | April 9, 2015

If your grandma asks you if you have gained weight just tell her ‘yep, its added patty for the haters’.

That’s just one of the comebacks comedian Claire Ayoub advises women use if they are stuck for words after someone insults them.

She hopes to help people who might not be that great at coming up with witty lines, or take too long to think of them.

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On her ‘A Series of Comebacks’ YouTube videos she also advises running a man over if he criticises a woman’s driving, and adds if you’re told to know your place you should respond by saying ‘it’s number one, bitches’.

And if anyone asks you whether you’re going to eat something unhealthy just tell them ‘you have no idea how many calories I burn putting up with your s**t.’

Now you’re armed with this information hopefully you’re never stuck for retaliatory insults again.

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