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Ducklings saved after rescuers play iPad recording of their mum’s quack

| blog, Cute, L&B World, News | May 31, 2015

Two ducklings - similar to this pair - became trapped in the drain Credit: PA
Two ducklings – similar to this pair – became trapped in the drain (Picture: Press Association)

It’s brilliant what you can do with iPads nowadays: Faceboook, online banking and now duck rescuing…

Two little ducklings were rescued from a storm drain after quick-thinking workers coaxed them to safety with an iPad recording of their mother’s quack.

The birds, which were only a few days old, fell down a manhole in Burton Bradstock in West Dorset last week.

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They were discovered when holidaymakers heard the mother duck quaking near the… Read the full story

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Sixty children. Two minivans. Only in China.

| blog, L&B World, News, Wow | May 31, 2015

We have all had those trips to Ikea.

You know the ones, you spend half an hour trying to figure out how to squeeze a six foot Billy bookcase in to a Renault Clio.

Well if that’s a spacial awareness mind-bender- two minibus drivers in china managed to squeeze a staggering 60 small children in to two minivans.

Minivan 60 kids
Two minivans were pulled over carrying 60 schoolchildren . (Picture: Reuters)


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This video shows the vans being pulled over at the side of a busy dual carriageway by police.

The children, dressed in their school… Read the full story

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Top judge quotes Clint Eastwood during Crown Court rant

| blog, L&B World, News | May 31, 2015

File picture of Judge Michael Stokes QC, at Nottingham Crown Court.  See NTI story NTIJUDGE. A top judge launched an astonishing human rights rant quoting Clint Eastwood in DIRTY HARRY after a toyboy accused of murdering his girlfriend refused to leave his prison cell. James McCarthy was due to enter a plea to the murder charge at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday (29/5). The 24-year-old is accused of killing teacher Julie Semper, 47, who was found with multiple stab wounds at her home in Mapperley, Notts., on February 4 this year.
Judge Michael Stokes QC, at Nottingham Crown Court. (Picture: File picture)

A top judge launched a human rights rant that quote Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry, after a man accused of murdering his girlfriend refused… Read the full story

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Muslims react to comments left on story about Mosque burning down

| blog, L&B World, News | May 31, 2015