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Guy passes out on slingshot ride again, and again, and again

| blog, L&B World, Weird | June 30, 2015

Most stories from Magaluf end with someone saying: ‘And then I just passed out!’

This story is no different, however unlike the others there was no alcohol involved (as far as we can tell).

These two lads just couldn’t pass up on the chance to have a go on a slingshot ride, which led to one of them passing out.

Screaming is quickly replaced by a glazed look as the G-force scrambles the poor boy’s brains.

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His mate has to tap his chin to bring him back to reality, before he passes out again, and again, and again.

Good job they caught the whole thing on camera, because the unlucky fella will only be able to remember about half the ride.

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‘Crystal meth makes you a better driver,’ professor says

| blog, L&B World, News | June 30, 2015

Mandatory Credit: Photo by KIP RANO/REX_Shutterstock (164641c).. METHAMPHETAMINE.. DRUG CRYSTAL METH - 1989.. ..
Crystal meth – great for driving (Picture Rex/Shutterstock)

Most of us rely on nothing stronger than a Red Bull – but a driver accused of acting dangerously was cleared after a court heard that crystal meth makes drivers sharper.

Leah Lenarczyk, 39, had taken several drugs including the powerful stimulant before hitting a 12-year-old schoolboy, causing multiple injuries including a fractured skull.

Two expert witnesses suggested that crystal meth can actually improve people’s driving.

And neither of them were Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

Professor Jason Mark of the University of South Australia said that the drug reduced fatigue and improved mental and physical performance.

Dr Michael Robertson said that the lethal drug’s ‘positive’ effects included improved concentration.

Judge… Read the full story

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How safe are we on holiday?

| blog, L&B World, Travel, World | June 30, 2015

Terror threats around the world as ranked by the Foreign Office (Picture: Metro)
Terror threats around the world as ranked by the Foreign Office (Picture: Metro)

The Tunisia terror attack has called into question the safety of Brits when travelling abroad.

Take a look at this map of nations ranked by terror threat level. There’s a worrying lack of green – indicating a low level of threat.

Australia, Spain and France are all rated as having a high or severe threat of terrorism, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey – holiday hot spots for us Brits – have all been marked with the same red alert.


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Ex-British soldier sentenced to 50 years in a Thai prison for drug charges

| blog, L&B World, UK | June 30, 2015

Former soldier Lance Whitmore, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, who has been given a 50 year jail sentence in Thailand for drug dealing.  See NTI story NTIDRUGS.  Lance and an Australian friend were caught in a Pattaya supermarket with close to 200 ecstasy tablets. A search of his pal's flat uncovered 60 more.
Former soldier Lance Whitmore, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, who has been given a 50 year jail sentence in Thailand for drug dealing (Picture: NTI)

An ex-British soldier has been jailed for 50 years in Thailand for drug dealing.

Lance Whitmore, 27, was arrested with an Australian friend in the beach resort Pattaya, where the pair were found to have 200 ecstasy pills on them.

He was told he would receive no parole on the heavy sentence, meaning… Read the full story

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Britain is at risk from ‘asteroid tsunami’ which could kill hundreds of thousands

| blog, L&B World, News | June 30, 2015

An asteroid, yesterday (Picture Rex)
An asteroid, yesterday (Picture Rex)

People of Norfolk, your time may be up.

Scientists have modeled the flight paths of 500 known asteroids – and found that while they’re likely to miss Britain, they might well splash into the sea nearby.

The resulting wall of water could wipe out hundreds of thousands of people, with Norfolk especially likely to face doom, according to University of Southampton experts.

University of Southampton experts have created a map showing where asteroids are most likely to fall – and found that Britain is at risk of being swamped by deadly waves caused by space rocks.

Asteroids falling near Britain in the Atlantic or North Sea could trigger a devastating impact.

There is a one in 10,000 chance a rock could… Read the full story

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Twin strikes to hit First Great Western trains and London Underground next month

| blog, L&B World, News | June 30, 2015

First Great Western (Picture PA)
First Great Western (Picture PA)

Workers on First Great Western will strike for 48 hours on July 8 in a row over jobs and safety on trains, the RMT union has said.

Meanwhile, RMT staff will strike for 24 hours from 6.30pm on July 8 in a row over the new all night Tube, said the union.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union at First Great Western backed walkouts by 80%, and other forms of action by 92%.

The union is in dispute over the introduction of new trains after seeking assurances over jobs, buffet car facilities and maintenance.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: ‘RMT has made every effort to secure a series of very basic assurances from… Read the full story

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‘I like porn more than my husband’ People are confessing their darkest secret for this art project

| blog, L&B World, Las Vegas, News | June 30, 2015

Inspired by Japanese Shinto shrine prayer walls - Confession gallery Source: candychang.com
Confessions is Inspired by Japanese Shinto shrine prayer walls (Picture: Candychang.com)

Ever told anyone your deepest, darkest secret?

How about written it on a wall for all to see?

People are dropping serious truth bombs left, right and centre thanks to this daring new art project.

Aptly named Confessions by artist Candy Chang – the project is displayed in The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

The exhibition already includes admissions of love, fear, relationships and sex.

‘I like porn more than my husband does’, says one frank confession.

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Read the full story

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Bowser, is that you? Weird dinosaur-turtle is found on beach

| blog, L&B World, News | June 30, 2015

Pic shows: The giant turtle that was going to be cooked, but finally it escaped. Russian social media users are getting excited over this dinosaur-like creature found recently in a local river. With a shell covered in spikes and a bizarre-shaped the creature which one picture is being held up by its tail quickly sparked heated debate over exactly what it was. It was posted online Anastasia Steshina with the comment: "When we saw it, we did not even realize that it was a turtle. It reminded us of a dinosaur." And now the bizarre creature has been identified as a giant turtle normally found in the warm waters of the American south-east, although exactly how it turned up alive on the banks of a river in… <a href=Read the full story

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University fees could go up even further

| blog, L&B World, UK | June 30, 2015

tuitiion fees protest
Students demonstrate against tuition fee changes in central London in 2010 (Picture: AFP/Getty)

The last time tuition fees went up London was awash with protests which ended with someone throwing a fire extinguisher off a roof.

Clearly that didn’t dissuade many people in parliament, and now the Universities Minister has refused to rule out an increase in tuition fees before 2020.

Conservative frontbencher Jo Johnson was asked to give a yes or no answer on the prospect of a rise under the Government when challenged by Labour.

But in a classical politician move, Mr Johnson only told the Commons the Government was committed to ensuring ‘stable and sustainable’ funding for universities, adding there needs to be a fair balance of taxpayer and student interests.

The previous coalition administration… Read the full story

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What’s happening to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 7/7?

| blog, L&B World, London, Terror, UK | June 30, 2015

Without prior approval from the copyright holder this image is only to be used to promote the above programme whilst airing on Channel 5 LONDON, United Kingdom:  (FILES) The wreck of the Number 30 double-decker bus is pictured in Tavistock Square in central London, 08 July, 2005. The chances of preventing the July 7 attacks might have been greater had different investigative decisions been made by the Security Service, an official report concluded Thursday.  The report also highlighted  the fact that Britain's security services were ill-equipped to prevent the July 7 London bombings because of a lack of resources. AFP PHOTO/DYLAN MARTINEZ/WPA POOL  (Photo credit should read DYLAN MARTINEZ/AFP/Getty Images)
13 people were killed in a bus bombing on July 7,… Read the full story

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