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There’s a baby sloth named after Edward Scissorhands at London Zoo

| blog, L&B World, UK | July 31, 2015

(Picture: London Zoo)
He’s much cuter than Johnny Depp (Picture: London Zoo)

London zoo has got a brand new baby sloth, and he is all kinds of cute.

The seven-week-old two-toed sloth has been named Edward, after Edward Scissorhands due to his massive claws.

Unfortunately little Edward’s mother has stopped producing milk, so he is being cared for by zookeeper Kelly-Anne Kelleher.

The task is giving Kelly-Anne a lesson in patience, as sloths are notoriously slow creatures.

She often has to wait several minutes for the little guy to emerge from a deep sleep before she can feed him.

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Plane crashes into car dealership in Hampshire

| blog, L&B World, UK | July 31, 2015

blackbushe plane crash 4.jpg video of plane crash at blackbushe car auction
Fire crews were quickly on the scene to battle the flames (Picture: @tubman89/Twitter)

A light aircraft has crashed into a car dealership in Hampshire.

A massive blaze could be seen after the plane, believed to be a Learjet, reportedly overshot a nearby runway at Blackbushe Airport.

The plane was carrying four passengers, initial reports say, though the condition of them is still unknown.

Fire crews could be seen at the dealership dousing the flames while people looked on in horror, many filming the incident.

Eyewitnesses say the plane clipped a fence before flipping over and hitting into the parked cars before bursting into flames.

More follows

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Cannabis is four times more likely to trigger psychosis if you are male

| blog, Drugs, Health, L&B World, News | July 31, 2015

Man in smoke filled car
Men are more likely than women to suffer cannabis induced psychosis. (Picture: Metro)

Men are four times more likely to suffer mental health problems after smoking weed, a new study claims.

Researchers at the University of York found that males with a ganja habit are more likely than females who smoke to suffer mental health problems such as psychosis.

Psychosis is a mental illness that causes sufferers to perceive or interpret things differently to people around them.

This includes hallucinations where a person hears, sees, and in some cases, feels, smells or tastes things that are not there.

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Dream boss shares £17 million with his employees because they ‘helped set up the business’

| blog, L&B World, Turkey, World | July 31, 2015

MUNICH, GERMANY - JANUARY 24:  Nevzat Aydin of Yemeksepeti.com speaks during the Digital Life Design conference (DLD) at HVB Forum on January 24, 2012 in Munich, Germany. ence and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and investors for crossover conversation and inspiration.  (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)
BEST. BOSS. EVER. (Picture: Getty)

You’re 100 per cent going to wish this man was your employer.

Meet Nevzat Aydin, he’s one hell of a guy.

He’s the CEO and founder of food delivery website Yemeksepti.com – which is basically Turkey’s answer to Just Eat.

Aydin recently sold his company and donated $27million (£17million) of the profits to his employees.

The average bonus boosted 114 workers’ salary by $237,000 (£151, 403) each, but he calculated they amount they… Read the full story

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An epic green meteor just soared across the sky

| Argentina, blog, L&B World, World, Youtube | July 31, 2015

Thanks to light pollution, the best night sky spectacle most of us can hope for is seeing a full moon or a handful of garden fireworks on Bonfire Night.

These lucky Argentines, however, got the opportunity to witness this green meteor race across the sky.

comet or meteor?

A meteor is a rock or particle that burns up as it enters… Read the full story

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#AllLionsMatter is trending on Twitter and here’s why

| blog, L&B World, News | July 31, 2015

FILE - In this image takem from a November 2012 video made available by Paula French, a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil strolls around in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's wildlife minister says extradition is being sought for Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed a Cecil.  (Paula French via AP)
Twitter is using Cecil’s death to raise awareness of police brutality in the US.  (Picture: AP)

Twitter is using the death of Cecil the Lion to campaign for civil right on the streets of the US.

The #AllLionsMatter has started trending this afternoon as a parody of the #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter hashtags that were around earlier this month.

Twitter users are questioning whether the US media and public care more about Cecil than they… Read the full story

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City worker falls to his death from roof terrace in central London

| blog, L&B World, UK | July 31, 2015

Image ©Licensed to i-Images Picture Agency. 30/07/2015. London, United Kingdom. Police officers place a tent over what appears to be a dead  body outside City Hall in the centre of London. Picture by Andrew Parsons / i-Images
Despite attempts by paramedics to save the man, he died at the scene (Picture: Andrew Parsons / i-Images)

A city worker has plummeted to his death after falling from a tenth-story roof terrace in central London.

The 23-year-old man, who worked for PwC, fell from the More London Riverside building near Tower Bridge last night.

Horrified City workers could only watch as security guards and paramedics tried to resuscitate the man, however he died at the scene.

Witnesses said they heard screaming at the scene, near the Argentinian restaurant Gaucho.

Today flowers were laid… Read the full story

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Chinese bottle washes up where suspected Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 debris was found

| blog, L&B World, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, World | July 31, 2015

Workers for an association responsible for maintaining paths to the beaches from being overgrown by shrubs, search the beach for possible additional airplane debris near the area where an airplane wing part was washed up, in the early morning near Saint-Andre on the north coast of the Indian Ocean island of Reunion Friday, July 31, 2015. A barnacle-encrusted wing part that washed up on the remote Indian Ocean island could help solve one of aviation's greatest mysteries, as investigators work to connect it to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that vanished more than a year ago with 293 people aboard. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
Workers on the north coast of the Indian Ocean island of Reunion (Picture: AP)

The mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might be… Read the full story

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‘Jewish arson attack’ kills toddler in Palestinian village

| blog, L&B World, UK | July 31, 2015

DUMA,WEST BANK - JULY 31:   Family members and relatives of 18 month old baby, Ali Saad-Dawabsheh, view the remains of their house after a fire which was suspected to have been set by Jewish extremists on July 31, in the Palestinian village of Duma, West Bank.  A house fire in the Palestinian village of Duma, West Bank, suspected to have been set by Jewish extremists, killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child, injured both parents and a four year old brother. (Photo by Oren Ziv/Getty Images)
Family members and relatives of 18 month old babyview the remains of their house after the fire (Picture: Oren Ziv/Getty Images)

An arson attack on a Palestinian village has left an 18-month-old boy dead as two houses were set alight.

Palestinians officials say… Read the full story

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