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New 5p carrier bag charge: Everything you need to know

| blog, L&B World, UK | September 30, 2015

(Picture: PA)
(Picture: PA)

From next week, supermarket shoppers will have to pay 5p for single-use carrier bags under a new law that hopes to reduce litter and help the environment.

This is what you need to know.

What is happening?

The law requires all supermarkets and large stores to charge a minimum of 5p for every single-ujse bag they hand out.

When does the new law come into effect?

English shoppers will start to be charged on 5 October

Does it apply to all retailers?

No. Only retailers with 250 or more full-time equivalent employees are required to comply with the law, and these retailers are judged by the size of the whole company, not the branch. Smaller businesses can introduce a charge if they want to. The Association of Convenience Stores… Read the full story

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Step brother and sister ‘became lovers, killed parents and incinerated them’

| blog, L&B World, World | September 30, 2015

(Picture: CEN)

A step-brother and sister have admitted to murdering their parents and incinerating the body.

Leandro Acosta, 25, and 22-year-old Karen Klein allegedly became lovers before they murdered parents Ricardo Klein, 54, and Miryam Kowalczuk, 52, then dismembered and incinerated them.

According to Acosta’s lawyer, her client committed the murder because Klein had abused him and his 11-year-old siblings. Online 911 Noticias reports that Monica Chirivin said after killing Klein, Acosta practiced necrophilia on the body and then ate some of him.

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Ms Chirivin added that Acosta told her he ‘felt relief that the abuse and constant… Read the full story

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How to troll a Craigslist scammer like a boss

| blog, L&B World, News | September 30, 2015

This dad used his trolling abilities for the greater good, and we are grateful.

A Craigslist user, who says he’s called, erm, Nicholas Cage, was contacted about a truck he was trying to sell on the site.

The ‘buyer’ said he accidentally sent two cheques instead of one (hey, it’s a common mistake to make) and asked Mr Cage to cash them and return the money to him.

Seems legit.

Cue one of the most dedicated scam baits we have ever seen.


Hm, all seems well so far…


Sent two cheques by mistake? Seems totally legit.


Why, help yourself an extra $30 of fake money for your troubles.


People from Benin buy trucks from New York all the time, we’re sure.


Anthony’s getting a little needy here.

Read the full story

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Tesla’s new car doors look like something from Star Wars

| blog, L&B World, Tech, Technology | September 30, 2015

Tesla's new car doors look like something off Star Wars

Has Elon Musk been watching Star Wars?

The doors of Tesla’s new Model X, which was unveiled today, wouldn’t look amiss on one of the spaceships from George Lucas’s space opera.

Technically, they’re double-hinged ‘falcon wing’ doors, and of course Tesla isn’t the first company to use them. But it seems more likely they have some sinister double purpose given that they’re part of a car created by the man who suggested bombing Mars.

Their purpose is to help parents put their children inside the car. Or to allow Sith Lords to get in comfortably.

The Model X can fit seven people and can travel around 250 miles on a single charge.

Analysts say its high cost – around £95,100 – is likely to put people off, but Tesla says a lower-cost vehicle will be introduced in 2017.

The company has not yet made a profit.

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You’ll soon be able to have a 7-second video as your Facebook profile picture

| blog, L&B World, Tech | September 30, 2015


Just like the moving photographs in Harry Potter’s Daily Prophet, Facebook is to introduce a function which allows users to have a seven-second looping video as their Facebook profile picture.

Facebook announced five major changes to user profiles, some of which have been rolled out already and are being tested today by some users, TechCrunch reports.

In a bid to make the decade-old social network more visually-stimulating, Facebook will give users the option to pin Featured Photos to the top of their profile and have temporary profile pictures.

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(Picture: Giphy)
(Picture: Giphy)

It will also add easier visibility controls for the About section – including… Read the full story

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Starbucks rolls out mobile ordering in the UK

| blog, L&B World, Starbucks, Tech | September 30, 2015

Yup, no more of this (Picture: Getty Images)
Yup, no more of this (Picture: Getty Images)

Rejoice! The days of queuing for Pumpkin Spice Lattes are over.

The coffee chain will finally be launching its Mobile Order and Pay service on October 1, in 152 stores across London.

With the new feature users will be able to place an order before they get to a branch and have it ready and waiting for them when they arrive.

And they’ll be able to order anything Starbucks sells, including customised drinks.

After placing an order, the app will calculate the approximate waiting times and directions to the store.

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Sweden is shifting to a six-hour work day and we’ve already bought tickets

| blog, L&B World, Sweden, World | September 30, 2015

(Picture: Giphy)
(Picture: Giphy)

Sweden, the land of Vikings, IKEA and ABBA, is shifting to a six-hour work day.

Unlike the rest of us masochists, who seem determined to work longer hours despite a number of studies showing its detriment to health, happiness and productivity, businesses across Sweden have already made the switch to the shorter working day, and many more are trialling it.

The Toyota service centres in Gothenburg switched to a six-hour day 13 years ago and report happier staff, a lower turnover rate and, to no one’s surprise, ease in enticing new employees to join the company. Profits have risen 25 per cent.

‘I think the 8-hour work day is not as effective as one would think,’ Linus Feldt, CEO of Stockholm app developer Filimundus, told Read the full story

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These politicians look EXACTLY like your favourite TV characters

| blog, Jeremy Corbyn, L&B World, News | September 30, 2015

Is Jeremy Corbyn Mr Bean in disguise? (Photo: REUTERS/Luke Macgregor)
Is Jeremy Corbyn Mr Bean in disguise? (Photo: REUTERS/Luke Macgregor)

Jeremy Corbyn gave his leader’s speech yesterday at the Labour conference, and yes, we all had fun comparing him to Mr Bean.

But Corbyn is not the only one to gain a TV alias. Many of our politicians have a striking resemblance to TV characters.

And here are some of our favourites.

Click to reveal
Read the full story

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