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YouTubers behind ‘killing best friend prank’ say they’re shocked at all the hate

| blog, L&B World, World | November 30, 2015

The YouTubers behind a controversial prank video that sees a teenager witness his friend being ‘shot dead’ have spoken of their shock after receiving a barrage of hate.

Viewers have been left outraged by the distressing prank, branding it ‘vile’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘a disgrace to the YouTube community’.

But Sam Pepper, the British man behind it (and other barrel-scrapers like ‘Sam’s bum-pinching prank’) has stressed the video ‘wasn’t for shock value’.

And, not put off by the criticism of the video, he is keen to take this opportunity to get his YouTube follower account higher and fame/notoriety up ‘message’ out there.

The 26-year-old former Big Brother housemate told Metro.co.uk: ‘It’s just shocking how everyone’s taken it.’

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Muslim student punched in face in broad daylight for ‘wearing a hijab’

| blog, L&B World, UK | November 30, 2015

The girl (not pictured) believes she was attacked because she was wearing a hijab (Picture: Getty)
The girl (not pictured) believes she was attacked because she was wearing a hijab (Picture: Getty)

A young Muslim woman was punched in the face in broad daylight as she walked through a city centre apparently because she was wearing a hijab.

Ms Choudhury, who only wishes to be referred to by her last name, was walking down New Street in Birmingham when someone in a grey hooded sweatshirt approached her and punched her in the face.

The attacked showed no interest in the 18-year-old’s belongings, which leads her to believe that she was punched for wearing a hijab.

‘I… Read the full story

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This awesome campaign shames trolls by putting their racist comments on billboards near their homes

| blog, L&B World, News | November 30, 2015

Campaign sees people's racist comments put on billboards near their homes Source; Racismo Virtual MANDATORY LINK: http://www.racismovirtual.com.br/
The anti-racist ampaign sees people’s racist comments put on billboards near their homes (Picture: Racismo Virtual)

Be careful when you next comment on a controversial topic online because you could find your comment blown up for all to see on a billboard near you.

Well, only if you’re posting racist comments. Then you’re sure to be targeted by this new anti-racist campaign in Brazil.

The project, called ‘Virtual racism, real consequences’, uses geolocation tools to find out where the ‘offenders’ live.

Campaigners then buy billboard space in the surrounding area and post the nasty comments for all to… Read the full story

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Prime Minister calls Syria air strikes vote for Wednesday

| blog, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, L&B World, Syria, UK | November 30, 2015

British Prime Minister, David Cameron is presenting his case to the Commons today for the UK launching air strikes against Islamic State ( ISIS / ISil ) Typhoon fighter jets from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. [File picture] Picture by Richard Calver
Cameron looks confident of a victory in the Commons (Picture: Richard Calver)
MPs will vote on air strikes in Syria following a debate on Wednesday, the Prime Minister has said.

David Cameron had previously said that he would only call a vote if he was confident of winning. The Prime Minister was concerned that a defeat in the House of Commons would damage the UK’s reputation and serve as propaganda for Isis.

The decision… Read the full story

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Sugar-free drinks just as bad for your teeth as sugary ones, says research

| blog, L&B World, World | November 30, 2015

'Diet' drinks damage teeth as much as their sugary counterparts (Picture: PA Wire)
‘Diet’ drinks damage teeth as much as their sugary counterparts (Picture: PA Wire)

Sugar-free and ‘diet’ drinks are just as bad for your teeth as their standard, sugary versions, dental experts have said.

A study headed by the University of Melbourne’s Eric Reynolds tested 15 soft drinks, some of which were sugar-free, to see the damage they caused to teeth.

Reynolds and his team found that far from preventing tooth decay, sugar-free and ‘diet’ drinks stripped away the same amount of tooth enamel as sugary ones did due to the high levels of acid they contain.

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Junior doctors’ strike called off, BMA says

| blog, L&B World, NHS, UK | November 30, 2015

File photo dated 17/10/2015 of the 'Let's Save the NHS' rally in London, as a ballot is due to close that could lead to thousands of junior doctors going on an "all-out" strike for the first time ever. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday November 18, 2015. The British Medical Association (BMA) has proposed three days of strikes if doctors vote for industrial action in a bitter row with the Government. See PA story HEALTH Doctors. Photo credit should read: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
Junior Doctors voted in favour of strike action (Picture: PA)

Junior doctors will not strike tomorrow following last-minute talks with ministers.

Junior doctors elected to take industrial action over a… Read the full story

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UK weather: Terrifying moment plane has to abort landing when it’s jolted by 70mph winds at Manchester

| blog, L&B World, World | November 30, 2015

A plane was forced to abort a landing at Manchester after 70mph winds jolted it across the runway.

Simon Whittaker was on his way to the pub when he noticed a plane drifting in the sky.

As it comes into land, the airbus is swept to one side and pilot makes the decision to abort the landing.

Simon, who used to fly planes himself, said that it looked as though the pilot was in control throughout.

MORE: Pastor, 60, marries pregnant teenager – current wife is completely fine with it

monarch a320 caught in crosswinds
Winds cause the plane to… Read the full story

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Russia is ‘using deadly white phosphorus on civilian areas in Syria’ in their airstrikes

| blog, Islamic State (Isis), L&B World, News, Russia, Syria | November 30, 2015

New pictures show Russia using a controversial incendiary weapon that can kill through poisoning and burning to bomb Raqqa, Syria, a so-called stronghold of Isis.

Russian forces are using deadly white phosphorus to bomb the terror group’s de-facto capital, according to reports.

The pictures were posted to Twitter by user Moonnor27, whose bio says she is a Muslim Iraqi who ‘helps innocent civilians’. The pictures are yet to be verified.

She posted the pictures along with the caption: ‘To protect the devil (Syrian President) Assad, #Russianairstrikes using phosphorous bombs on #Raqqa #warcrimes’.

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This guy was late for work and it saved a woman’s life

| blog, L&B World, News | November 30, 2015

A woman and her two dogs were rescued after falling into ice on Sunday morning because a water operator was three hours late to work and spotted her.

The 32-year-old woman was walking her dogs around the Mantua Reservoir, Utah, when the dogs ran into the newly formed ice and fell in. She ran after to save them but also fell in.

Thomas Braithwaite, a water operator with Brigham City who usually checks the area once every day at 6am, was three hours late for work and spotted the woman in the water around 9am. He then called 911.

He told Fox13: ‘We check this area once a day. So I got up here, and… Read the full story

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It’s official: Southerners can handle hot curry better than northerners

| blog, Food, L&B World, UK | November 30, 2015

Some like it that way, apparently (Picture: National Pictures)

Another blow has been struck in the age-old battle between southerners and northerners.

Those of us further down the UK have long been slandered as ‘namby pamby’, weak and stuck-up compared to the salt-of-the-earth, friendly, pie-eating North.

But it turns out southerners can handle the heat of a curry much better than their gravy-slurping, rain-soaked brethren.

It’s true: it says it in a map and everything.

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