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This picture isn’t what it seems, thankfully

| blog, L&B World, Weird | January 14, 2016

(Picture: Unknown)
(Picture: theyanus/ imgur)

Take a glance at the picture above and you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s something dodgy – if not downright disturbing – taking place.

But there isn’t.

The picture is, in fact, completely innocent: it shows a father leaning down to give his baby a kiss on the cheek.

Because of the position of his body, his head and left shoulder look like a pair of buttocks, and his ear… well, use your imagination.

Perhaps you knew instantly what the picture shows. The comments on Imgur suggest not everyone was so pure of thought.

‘That took far too long to realise what was going on.’

‘Totally thought it was some misshapen a** gaping over the baby.

‘Thought it was… Read the full story

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In the US, it’s easier to buy a gun than a Frappuccino

| blog, L&B World, World | January 14, 2016

(Picture: Safer America)
(Picture: Safer America)

In the United States, it is easier to buy a gun than it is to buy a Frappuccino.

Much easier, in fact: there are six times as many gun dealers as there are branches of Starbucks.

There are more gun dealers (67,747) than there are grocery stores (37,716), McDonald’s restaurants (14,089) and total coffee shops (55,246).

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Ever wanted a house with a Banksy on the side? It’s yours for £210k

| Banksy, blog, L&B World, UK | January 14, 2016

File photo dated 14/04/14 of artwork by Banksy on the side of a house on Fairview Road adjacent to St. Anne's Terrace, Cheltenham, which has gone on the market for £210,000.
‘Spy Booth’ appeared in 2014 (Picture: PA)

If you have ever fancied a house with a Banksy painted on the site, now’s your chance to buy one.

A home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire that serves as the canvas for the street artist’s famous anti-snooping mural, ‘Spy Booth’, is on sale for £210,000.

Since the mural appeared in 2014, it has been targeted by thieves and vandals, while the council have tried to negotiate the purchase of the Grade II-listed house onto which it’s painted.

Now Peter… Read the full story

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Former Power Ranger rearrested for ‘murder of roommate’

| blog, L&B World, World | January 14, 2016

PASADENA, CA - AUGUST 19: Actor Ricardo Medina Jr. participates in the 2012 Power Morphicon 3 held at the Pasadena Convention Center on August 19, 2012 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
(Picture: Getty Images)

A former Power Ranger has been re-arrested for the alleged murder of his roommate with a samurai sword and charged with the crime.

Ricardo Medina Jr, who played the Red Ranger in TV series Power Rangers Wild Force, was arrested in February last year for allegedly stabbing Josh Sutter in a row about his girlfriend but was released after claiming self-defence, and never charged.

Medina has now been rearrested by police in Palmdale, California, and charged with one count of murder.

Sutter’s family… Read the full story

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Female teacher ‘molested friend’s teenage son after sleeping with pizza delivery man’

| blog, L&B World, World | January 14, 2016

(Picture: Illinois Police)
(Picture: Illinois Police)

A female teacher allegedly molested her friend’s teenage son just a few hours after having sex with the delivery man who had brought them all pizza.

A court heard how Christine Taylor, 44, ordered a takeaway to her home in Naperville, Illinois – where she was with her friend and her friend’s 16-year-old son – and when the 22-year-old delivery man arrived she took him upstairs and performed a sex act on him for around half an hour.

A few hours later, Taylor, who teaches language arts and social studies at Jefferson Middle School, reportedly asked her friend’s son to help her take the dog for a walk and then took him… Read the full story

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Tim Peake set for historic first spacewalk

| blog, International Space Station, L&B World, Nasa, UK | January 14, 2016

This NASA image obtained January 12, 2016 shows European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake (@astro_timpeake) as he shares this photo taken aboard the International Space Station on January 11, 2015, during preparations for a spacewalk, or extra-vehicular activity (EVA). Peake wrote, "Final suit fit check prior to Friday's EVA feels just great! #Principia #spacewalk". On January 15, Expedition 46 flight engineers Tim Kopra of NASA and Tim Peake of ESA will venture outside the space stations Quest airlock to replace a failed voltage regulator that compromised one of the stations eight power channels last November. The spacewalk is scheduled to begin at 7:55 a.m. EST and will be the third in Kopras career… <a href=Read the full story

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iPhone 7: Petition against ditching headphone jack gets hundreds of thousands of signatures

| Apple, blog, L&B World, Tech | January 14, 2016

(Picture: Sum of Us)
(Picture: Sum of Us)

Petitions seem ubiquitous these days, and the latest one demands Apple cancel ‘plans’ to remove the headphone jacket from the next iPhone or risk ‘screwing customers and the planet’.

Apple, which it’s worth noting hasn’t even announced officially that it will drop the connector, has nonetheless drawn the ire of hundreds of thousands of its customers.

The petition on the consumer site Sum of Us demands the iPhone maker go back on its supposed plans to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from the 7, a move that the petition’s creator says will ‘rip off everyone of its customers’ and ‘create mountains of electronic waste’ or,… Read the full story

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No, this kangaroo wasn’t ‘grieving’ – it was raping a dead female, experts say

| blog, L&B World, Weird | January 14, 2016

(Picture: Evan Switzer)
(Picture: Evan Switzer)

Earlier this week, a number of media outlets published an extraordinary photo of a male kangaroo mourning the death of a young female.

Wildlife photographer Evan Switzer, who captured this very human moment, called it a ‘pretty special thing… he was just mourning the loss of his mate.’

Not so. Not according to several experts, at least.

Derek Spielman, a senior lecturer in veterinary pathology at the University of Sydney said no, this kangaroo was not ‘grieving’ – it was raping, or trying to rape, a dead female.

There was ‘no doubt’, he said.

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Drug smugglers tried to disguise $500,000 of weed as carrots

| blog, Drugs, L&B World, World | January 14, 2016

(Picture: U.S Customs and Border Protection/REX Shutterstock)
(Picture: U.S Customs and Border Protection/REX Shutterstock)

It’s certainly creative, if a little ambitious.

Drug smugglers arrested on the border of the U.S. and Mexico were found to have tried to disguise $500,000 (£347,000) of marijuana as carrots.

The smugglers had hidden the weed in 2,817 orange packages the shape of large carrots and hidden them among several tonnes of real carrots.

Unfortunately for them, a canine team at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge didn’t take long to realise that some of the long orange objects weren’t good for your eyesight, and the smugglers were promptly busted on Sunday evening, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said.

MORE: Isis… Read the full story

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