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Woman films ‘men asking her for sex and groping her’

| blog, L&B World, World | January 18, 2016

A woman has filmed the moment she was allegedly groped and propositioned by two men.

The smartphone footage from Stockholm, Sweden, showed her arguing with the men after they had apparently mistaken her for a prostitute.

They could be heard constantly asking her for sex as she kept on refusing during a walk in Södermanland County.

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Man expecting shiny new smartphone in delivery finds smelly sardines instead

| blog, L&B World, UK | January 18, 2016

Greg Cundill
Greg Cundill posing with the sardines and sponge (Picture: Mercury)

A man eagerly anticipating the delivery of his new smartphone was shocked to discover it had been replaced by a sponge and a smelly tin of sardines.

Sounds like a practical joke doesn’t it?

If it was, no-one has yet admitted to switching Greg Cundill’s shiny Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

What’s even more bizarre is the package was perfectly sealed when it arrived at his home in Honiton, Devon, on Thursday.

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Woman agrees to go on date with man who hacked Tinder on her lost phone

| blog, L&B World, Tinder, World | January 18, 2016

Monica Cook 'Your phone is safe and in good (looking) hands': Romantic man finds woman's phone on a train, updates her Facebook status, swipes right on her Tinder for himself offers to take her out for a drink.
Monica Cook didn’t seem to mind her Tinder had been hacked (Picture: Facebook)

Finding a woman’s phone on a train and then liking yourself on her Tinder profile is not creepy at all.

That’s if you believe Australian DJ Monica Cook, who is now planning to go on a date with the man who did this to her.

Yep, she’s going to buy the mysterious ‘Luke’ a drink to thank him for Read the full story

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Today is Blue Monday – the ‘most depressing day of the year’

| blog, L&B World, UK | January 18, 2016

Blue Monday
It’s not going to be that fun today apparently (Picture: Alamy)

If you’re feeling down at the moment you’re probably not alone.

Today is ‘Blue Monday’, which is apparently the ‘most depressing day of the year’.

Why are people so sad on January 18?

It’s apparently due to the bad weather and high level of debts post-Christmas.

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Here are the best pictures from the white winter weekend

| blog, L&B World, UK, UK weather | January 18, 2016

Snow hits Northern England over the weekend making Cumbrian towns picturesque (Picture: Ross Parry)
A family enjoy the snow in Ambleside, Cumbria (Picture: Ross Parry)

The UK had a white winter weekend and everyone seemed to love it.

Images from around the country showed snowmen being built and sledges being manned as people made the most of the weather.

If you missed the snow it might not be too late as the Met Office predicted there could be some more over the next few days, although most of it will clear.

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British ‘Barbie bandit’ arrested after ‘stealing from luxury homes’

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

Georgia Wawman
Georgia Wawman, is from Marlborough, in Wiltshire

A British mother nicknamed the ‘Barbie bandit’ was arrested after allegedly stealing from luxury houses.

Georgia Wawman was charged by police in Argentina after expensive homes near Buenos Aires were burgled.

The 26-year-old, from Marlborough, Wiltshire, was detained with her boyfriend – who she met after arriving in the country with her son two years ago.

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Street racers jailed for 10 years for knocking down and killing father

| blog, L&B World, News | January 17, 2016

Todmorden butcher Wayne Stansfield
Wayne Stansfield died after being hit by the cars (Picture: Cascade)

Two motorists have been jailed after mowing down a pedestrian as they took part in a high-speed race through a busy town centre.

Fiaz Hussain Shah, 27, and Mohammed Azzizul Islam, 30, were sentenced to a combined ten years in prison after both hit Wayne Stansfield in Lancashire last month.

The court heard the 48-year-old butcher was struck by a black Audi A3 and a silver Toyota Yaris driven by the speeding pair as he crossed Halifax Road in Todmorden.

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Man ‘forgot’ his wife at petrol station and only remembered 60 miles later

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

Petrol station
Never forget your wife at the petrol station (Picture: Getty Images)

Guys, please never leave your wives at the petrol station by accident.

You’ll never hear the end of it.

‘Walter’, who apparently didn’t realise his wife ‘Claudia’ wasn’t in the car for 60 miles, is going to be getting an ear full.

MORE: Vile footage shows taxi passenger spit on drivers face and call her ‘pig’

The tourist was on his way back to Argentina from Brazil when the unfortunate incident happened.

In his defence she had been asleep in the back, and he apparently wasn’t aware she had left to buy cookies when they stopped for petrol.

He… Read the full story

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You’ve been using child playpens all wrong, this is what they’re for

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

Playpen used for gaming
Oh, that’s what playpens are for (Picture: argyllcampbell/reddit)

Men have finally figured out what playpens are for.

They exist to keep their annoying children away when they’re playing computer games.

If you don’t believe us look at this photo posted by argyllcampbell on reddit.

‘I could never game because of my toddler son so I finally bought a playpen,’ he wrote.

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That’s definitely one way of utilising the structures and reddit user Sythus was also a big fan.

He wrote: ‘This… I need this. I have twins, they love turning my chair and attempting to crawl… Read the full story

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