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Smartly dressed man climbed to top of hill in slip-on shoes then just lay down and died

| blog, L&B World, World | January 18, 2016

CCTV footage dated 11/12/15 of a mystery man at Manchester Piccadilly station, and who was later found dead at a remote moorland beauty spot. The white male aged between, 65 and 75, was found fully clothed by a cyclist on December 12 near a hill known as the Indian's Head, an outcrop near the top of Dovestones Reservoir near Oldham.
The mystery man captured on CCTV on the London underground (Picture: MEN)

Detectives are scratching their heads after a smartly-dressed pensioner wearing slip-on shoes walked up the Pennines and appeared to lay down and die.

The unidentified man, thought to be in his 70s, started his journey in London – taking a train to Manchester… Read the full story

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Men ‘plotted to murder police officer or soldier in drive-by scooter ISIS attack’, court hears

| blog, L&B World, World | January 18, 2016

Tarik Hassane, Suhaib Majeed, Nyall Hamlett and Nathan Cuffy in the dock at the Old Bailey where they are on trial for terrorist offences.
(L to R) Tarik Hassane, Suhaib Majeed, Nyall Hamlett and Nathan Cuffy in the dock at the Old Bailey (Picture: PA)

Four young men plotted to murder a police officer or soldier in one or more Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack on the streets of London, a court has heard.

Nathan Cuffy, 26, Nyall Hamlett, 25, Suhaib Majeed, 21, and Tarik Hassane, 22, all from west London, are on trial for conspiracy to murder and preparation of terrorist acts. Some of them are also variously charged with firearms… Read the full story

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There’s a really easy way to do times tables on your hands

| blog, L&B World, World | January 18, 2016

What! You’re only revealing this now!?

For many of us, this handy times tables method comes ten years too late.

But someone’s come up with a quick and easy way to work out simple multiplications using our own digits.

Let’s use 7×7 as an example.

Assume that your scrunched up hand already carries the value of five. 

(Picture: Delphine Maury/YouTube)
(Picture: Delphine Maury/YouTube)

So to make seven,… Read the full story

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Hunt on for missing Americans in Iraq

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

US is 'trying to find Americans missing in Iraq'

The US Embassy in Baghdad confirmed that ‘several’ Americans are missing in Iraq.

It comes after local media reported that three Americans had been kidnapped in the Iraqi capital.

US Embassy spokesman Scott Bolz said Sunday that ‘we are working in full co-operation with Iraqi authorities to locate the missing Americans’.

His comments came after the Arab news channel, al-Arabiya, citing its own sources, reported that three Americans had been kidnapped by militias in Baghdad.

The incident comes after a week that has seen a deterioration of security in and around the Iraqi capital after months of relative calm.

The Islamic State group claimed a number of attacks in Baghdad and Diyala province last week that killed more than 50 people, including a high profile attack on a mall in the Iraqi capital.

MORE: Firefighters help woman break out of chastity belt

Read the full story

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Firefighters help woman break out of chastity belt

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

ADCE19 Antique chastity belt  in a sex shops in Soho London England HOMER SYKES Credit: Alamy
This is what a chastity belt looks like, FYI (Picture: Alamy)

So a woman walks into a fire station. 

(It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but this actually happened.)

She began telling firefighters she’d lost the key to a lock. Naturally, the crew assume she’s locked outside her house in Padua, Italy.

Then she lifted up her jumper to reveal a chastity belt.

MORE: Union suspends London Tube strike action

Speaking directly to the firefighters, the woman, who has not been named, said: ‘I’ve lost the keys to a lock and I can… Read the full story

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Union suspends London Tube strike action

| blog, L&B World, UK | January 17, 2016

(Picture: PA)
It’s good news (Picture: PA)

A transport union has suspended its plans to take part in London Tube trikes over the following weeks.

Staff are walking out again on January 26, February 15 and February 17 over ongoing discussions about the Night Tube.

But union Unite, which represents 600 engineers and maintenance staff, said it will not take part in the strikes while talks are still taking place.

Members of both Aslef and the RMT are still expected to take part in the three strikes.

MORE: Cast announced for new series of Black Mirror as it moves to Netflix

tube gifRead the full story

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Man will lose his licence if he’s caught driving without a colander on his head

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

So some bloke’s won the right to wear a colander on his noggin for his driving licence picture. 

But Andrei Filin’s determination to become an official Pastafarian may well be his undoing.

The Russian government has claimed that if he’s caught driving without his colander on he could have his licence taken away.

MORE: Intimidating crow carrying shank is probably the result of global warming

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Guess how much this public toilet in Spitalfields costs

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

Buy this toilet in east London for just £1million! Credit: Clarke & Lloyds
Like it? It used to be a nightclub (Picture: Clarke & Lloyds)

You can now buy a public toilet in London’s swanky Spitalfields area – but it’ll set you back £1million. 

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to touch the manky old urinals. The underground venue has already been turned into a nightclub in the past.

But Public Life, as it was known back then, was closed down in 2012 following a police drugs raid.

The property is located literally opposite Spitalfield market.… Read the full story

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Vile footage shows taxi passenger spit on driver’s face and call her ‘pig’

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

This is the moment an aggravated taxi passenger spat in the driver’s face and called her a ‘pig’. 

The 31-year-old driver, known only as Kris, picked up a number of people outside a pub in Newport, Lincoln, when the attack took place at around 7.30pm on Tuesday.

CCTV footage shows an argument sparked by the driver asking one of the passengers to close an open door because it was raining.

It quickly gets heated and the front passenger tells Kris to stop being ‘rotten’.

MORE: Think e-cigarettes are helping you quit smoking? Think again, says study

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Wait, snow ISN’T white?

| blog, L&B World, World | January 17, 2016

snow gif

True story.

While snowflakes appear white as they fall, they are in fact totally clear.

The ice though is not transparent like a sheet of glass is, but translucent meaning light only passes through indirectly.

The many sides of the ice crystals cause diffuse reflection of the whole light spectrum – resulting in the white in colour.

MORE: Two men found dead after climbing together in Scottish Highlands

A blanket of snow is covering much of the UK today (Picture: North News)

Speaking of the white (or clear) stuff, the UK is bracing for more of it this… Read the full story

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