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Why did London turn down the chance to host 2017 Tour de France?

| blog, Boris Johnson, L&B World, London, Tour De France, UK | September 29, 2015

(Picture: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)
(Picture: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

It’s bad news for cycling fans in the UK – after London turned down the opportunity to host the Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2017.

That’s despite the capital hosting the start of the race in 2007, and the finish of the Tour’s third stage – both of which saw Londoners come out in their droves to see cycling royalty.

And while the capital beat bids from the likes of Edinburgh and Manchester to host the start of the race, Transport for London (TfL) pulled out only a day before finalising contracts were due to be signed.

It is believed that both TfL bosses and the Greater London Authority made the decision ahead of prospective cuts to transport… Read the full story

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Mayor’s question time suspended after Boris remark angers cab drivers

| blog, Boris Johnson, City Hall, L&B World, UK | September 17, 2015

City Hall
(Picture: Mark Kerrison/Demotix/Corbis)

Mayor’s question time was suspended yesterday after a scuffle between City Hall staff, police and black cab drivers broke out.

Taxi drivers filled City Hall to show their concern about the continuing rise and popularity of Uber, but grew angry when Boris Johnson called critics of zero-emissions electric cars ‘Luddites’.

The noise from the taxi drivers became so loud that the meeting was adjourned, but when police and security staff tried to remove them from the abandoned gallery a scuffle broke out, and one City Hall employee was reportedly knocked unconscious. The meeting was later continued in the basement room.

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What Jeremy Corbyn ACTUALLY said about Osama Bin Laden’s death being a tragedy

| blog, Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, L&B World, Labour Party, UK | August 31, 2015

CARDIFF, WALES - AUGUST 11: Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the press ahead of a rally at the Mercure Holland House hotel on August 11, 2015 in Cardiff, Wales. Earlier he addressed supporters at a gathering at the memorial stones to Welsh Labour hero and NHS creator Aneurin Bevan in Tredegar, Wales. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)
People are rounding on Jez’s comments on Osama (Picture: Getty)

The Corbyn haters are out in force again.

They’ve got literally no chill, they won’t even let JC live it up at Notting Hill Carnival in peace.

Now he’s being criticised for describing the death of notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden as a ‘tragedy’.

Footage has emerged of the silver-haired socialist giving an interview following the death of the al-Qaeda… Read the full story

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Hillary Clinton has made it very clear she doesn’t like David Cameron or Boris Johnson much

| blog, Boris Johnson, Conservative Party, David Cameron, Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, L&B World, World | August 3, 2015

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, center, gestures as she arrives to the airport in Santiago, Tuesday, March 2, 2010.  Clinton made a small dent in Chile's growing needs following a massive earthquake, handing over 25 satellite phones while promising more aid. (AP Photo/Jorge Sanchez)
Don’t mess with Hillary (Picture: AP)

The Democratic diva is taking no prisoners in her presidential campaign – even British politicians aren’t safe.

Ms Clinton’s team have labelled David Cameron ‘aristocratic, unsure, inexperienced, oblique and largely uncommitted’, if emails leaked from a system she uses are to be believed.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson didn’t get off lightly either.

Apparently BoJo was labelled a ‘Tory clown prince’.

Ouch. Don’t mess with Hillary. *hair flick*.

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BoJo gets trolled over his hair and water cannons in #AskBoris Twitter session

| blog, Boris Johnson, L&B World, London, Twitter, UK | July 16, 2015

BoJo in action -what a sight (Picture: Getty Images)

Well, it was only going to end one way.

London Mayor Boris Johnson was relentlessly trolled over his hair and water cannons during an #AskBoris event he hosted on Twitter.

For those unaware, BoJo has been embarrassed by his chief rival for the Tory leadership, Theresa May, who has publicly denied his policy on water cannons.

Mr Johnson had authorised the Metropolitan Police to buy three second-hand water cannons from Germany for £218,000 stating that this purchase would save the taxpayers £2.3 million.

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So Mrs May, the Home… Read the full story

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Theresa May bans water cannons but we want to see Boris live up to his promise of being blasted

| blog, Boris Johnson, L&B World, Theresa May, UK | July 15, 2015

BoJo promised to be blasted by a water cannon (Picture: Metro)

We haven’t forgotten that Boris Johnson agreed to be blasted by a water cannon.

Home Secretary Theresa May has ruled that police are not able to use water cannons to control serious public disorder – such as riots.

Her decision not to authorise forces in England and Wales could be seen as a snub to the Mayor of London, who purchased three cannons last year for the Metropolitan Police. They came with a pretty large price tag of over £200,000.

When Boris Johnson previously discussed water cannons he admitted he was ready to be blasted by one of the weapons to prove they weren’t harmful.

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We’ve all had one: Boris Johnson enjoys Colin the Caterpillar cake for his birthday

| blog, Boris Johnson, L&B World, London, UK | June 19, 2015

We’ve all watched Mary Poppins, played in inexplicably wet sandpits and, of course, eaten a Colin the Caterpillar cake.

It seems Boris Johnson is finally getting this essential life experience ticked off…at the age of 51 thanks to London City Hall staffers.

The Old Etonian is probably used a more traditional fruit cake or if he’s going off piste – a cheeky lemon drizzle.

If you are one of those children who never got close and intimate with Colin (the cake) then a brief description may be required.

MORE: Boris Johnson tells cab driver to ‘f*** off and die’ in tasty exchange

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Boris Johnson tells cab driver to ‘f*** off and die’ in tasty exchange

| blog, Boris Johnson, L&B World, UK | June 18, 2015

London mayor Boris Johnson has been caught on camera telling a cabbie to ‘f*** off and die’ in a tasty exchange over Uber. 

The Tory MP was cycling home at around midnight along St John’s Street in Islington, North London, when the driver of a black taxi heckled him.

In the short clip, captured by a passerby, Johnson is clearly heard saying: ‘Why don’t you f*** off and die.’

Then he repeats: ‘Why don’t you f*** off and die – and not in that order.’

The cabbie is heard shouting: ‘Yeah, you’re one of them mate. I hope you die!’

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The two were throwing heated words over the taxi firm Uber, it has been reported.

Licensed Taxi Drivers Association spokesman… Read the full story

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