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This poor pitbull cannot howl and the look of sadness in its eyes is heart-breaking

| Animals, blog, Cute, L&B World, Weird | December 10, 2015

Look how broken this dog is (Picture: YouTube)

All this poor dog wants is to be able to speak dawg. Alas, he cannot.

In this heart-warming video, the lovable pitbull tries and fails to emit a doggy howl while its owner giggles in the background.

No doubt his struggle to howl has left him marginalised from the local pet population.

The sadness in the dog’s eyes adds a certain melancholy to the otherwise perfect Christmas scene.

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Labradoodle rescued after falling down well

| blog, Cute, Dogs, L&B World, UK | November 29, 2015

Hiyaa! (Picture: Hampshire Fire and Rescue)
Hiyaa! (Picture: Hampshire Fire and Rescue)

This is Lilly the labradoodle, and she’s been rescued after getting stuck down a well.

The four-year-old dog was reported missing after disappearing on a walk in woodland near Eastleigh, Hampshire, yesterday afternoon.

But after an overnight dog hunt, Lilly was eventually found at the foot of a deep well – and has since been rescued after miraculously avoiding serious injury.

Animal rescue specialist Anton Phillips, who played a major role in Lily’s rescue, said: ‘Lily is one lucky dog as she landed on a log around 2m down, when the well is likely to have been a lot deeper than that.

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Pit bull rejected for being deformed poses with a sign in Facebook post that will make you weep

| blog, Cute, Dogs, Gross, L&B World, Weird | November 16, 2015

Tell you what, it’s Monday, and you’ve been good – so here’s a video of a tiny horse chasing a man.

This itty bitty piece of cuteness on legs is just three days old.

It thinks this guy is his mum and constantly follows him around.

‘Look at him, that is amazing…I have never seen anything like that,’ says the woman taking a video.


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Hundreds of people turn up to young boy’s birthday party after ‘Reddit hug’

| blog, Cute, L&B World, World | July 7, 2015

Sometimes, the internet can combine for the forces of good and the results are a thing of true, heart-warming wonder.

That’s what happened when the mum of 10-year-old Camden Eubank feared that no one was going to attend her son’s birthday party, and turned to the internet for help.

Camden suffers from a speech delay known as Apraxia, and sometimes struggles to put words together when he’s placed under intense social pressure.

Camden Eubank suffers from Apraxia (Picture: WDBJ7/Youtube)
Camden Eubank suffers from Apraxia (Picture: WDBJ7/Youtube)

So his mum took to Facebook, and issued an open invitation for a water balloon fight at the family home in Virginia – and the post received more than 5,000 likes.

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