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Somebody just bought Ed Miliband’s old shoes for £277 (and spent £415 on Jeremy Corbyn’s)

| blog, Ed Miliband, General election 2015, L&B World, UK | December 1, 2015

Picture: Ebay)
(Picture: Ebay)

Slightly bonkers completely normal people have spent millions buying Judy Garland’s dress or Michael Jackson’s glove.

Celebrity memorabilia is irresistible to superfans.

And now it seems Ed Miliband has joined the roll call of famous faces whose possessions can sell for astronomical amounts.

Yes, Miliband’s shoes are now part of the pantheon of sought-after celebrity clothes items.

(Picture: Getty Images)
Former Labour leader, Ed Miliband (Picture:… Read the full story

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Ed Miliband has shaved his beard off… on World Beard Day

| blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, Labour Party, UK | September 5, 2015

What a tragic loss.

The former Labour leader created quite a stir among the Milifandom when pictures of him with a pretty rugged beard surfaced online.

Some took it as a sign he was backing Jeremy Corbyn, some speculated that he’d let himself go.

But most people just admired the facial hair in all it’s glory.

Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, But Milibeard is no more.

Ed’s shaved his chin, on World Beard Day no less.

Miliband was spotted by @HaydenDials when he took a selfie while watching the… Read the full story

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The founder of Milifandom just met David Cameron, things got awkward

| blog, David Cameron, Ed Miliband, L&B World, UK | July 16, 2015

The battle between Ed Miliband and David Cameron may be over, but the war of ideologies wages on.

At the forefront of this conflict is the founder of Milifandom (the former Labour leader’s unofficial fan club), who recently had a rather awkward run-in with David Cameron, the man who defeated her idol.

Abby Tomlinson reportedly said to Mr Cameron: ‘Hello Prime Minister, how are you?’ – and claims the PM didn’t even acknowledge her, instead turning to talk to someone else.

She then snapped a cheeky picture of the Prime Minister before live tweeting the rest of the awkward… Read the full story

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Ed Miliband has become unstoppably sassy on Twitter

| blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, News | June 26, 2015

(Picture: BBC)

When Ed Miliband lost the general election, he was pretty sad.

Well, you know, of course he would be. Who wouldn’t be.


When Ed Miliband lost the general election, he basically gave up on Twitter.

Well – we say ‘he’ but it almost certainly was a team of people, because heaven knows politicians shouldn’t be trusted with social media.

His Twitter account on the run-up to the election was pretty dry and boring, and really wouldn’t have been missed.



This all changed two days ago, when this dude tweeted this:

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Abby Tomlinson, the founder of #Milifandom, finally meets the man behind the legend

| blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, UK | June 26, 2015

Ed Miliband might have lost the election, but he did achieve something no other British politician ever has – he got his own fandom.

Many people thought #Milifandom, started by teenager Abby Tomlinson, would give Labour the edge they needed to push past the Tories in the General Election, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Ed Miliband has since stepped down as Labour leader, but he remembers his friends which is why he made Abby’s day by meeting up with the young Labourite.

MORE: Teenage girls of Britain are swooning over Ed Miliband as #Milifandom takes off

Abby, 17, met Mr Miliband at Parliament, where she also got a ‘nod and a smile from Nick Clegg’ and met Yvette… Read the full story

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This man loves Ed Miliband so much that he swore on national television

| Andrew Neil, blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, Twitter, UK | June 5, 2015

(Picture: YouTube/Jeremy Wilson)
(Picture: YouTube/Jeremy Wilson)

This man is passionate about Ed Miliband.

So passionate in fact, that he’s willing to swear on national television in order to express his love for the former Labour leader.

He’s Richard Biggs, and he founded the @CoolEdMiliband twitter account, which saw Ed’s head being photoshopped onto cultural icons such as Bruce Springsteen.

But he got a bit hot-headed when he appeared on BBC 2’s Daily Politics this lunchtime, and passionately described Miliband as being ‘too good for this f***ing country’.

Presenter Andrew Neil… Read the full story

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Wagner’s got his wanger out: Danish politician poses nude for election campaign

| blog, Denmark, Ed Miliband, L&B World, Weird | June 1, 2015

John Erik Wagner 1 muzz.JPG
John Erik Wanger, we mean Wagner (Picture: Twitter)

A body-confident Danish politician has decided flashing his manhood is the best way to secure victory in his bid for the prime minister spot.

Perhaps keeping his trousers on is what prevented Ed Miliband moving into No.10 Downing Street.

John Erik Wagner has stripped completely starkers for his election campaign poster.

NSFW pictures of the 52-year-old’s naked body (not to mention his charming cowboy hat and leather gun holster) have been, erm, erected all over his native Copenhagen.

An investigation has been carried out to ensure the X-rated images were permissible, but city administrators apparently weren’t convinced they would ‘disrupt road users’ attention’.

MORE: Isis has a new ‘beard police’ to enforce shaving ban

MORE: Read the full story

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Forgetting Ed Miliband is the film that you’ll want to become a reality

| blog, Ed Miliband, General election 2015, L&B World, Russell Brand, Weird | June 1, 2015

It’s been a time of humbling reflection for Ed Miliband, as he licks his wounds and tries to work out what went so wrong for Labour at the general election.

But his post-election activities have been brilliantly reimagined – and he’s been placed in the trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

It’s the film from 2008 that sees Jason Segal’s character travelling to Hawaii in a bid to win back girlfriend Kristen Bell, who is now in a relationship with a rock star played by Russell Brand.

However, in this brilliant edit of the trailer, it’s Miliband instead who decamps to Hawaii to win back the affections of Brand.


He appears pretty devastated as Russell Brand is seen distancing himself from the former Labour leader, but refuses to accept their brief love-in has come to an end.

As he’s seen getting drunk at a hotel bar, he shouts… Read the full story

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Ed Miliband has gone to Ibiza. Unleash the memes.

| blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, UK | May 11, 2015

(Picture: Getty/Metro)
Miliband was spotted on a flight to the White Isle (Picture: Getty/Metro)

They don’t call it the Labour Party for nothing.

And just because you’ve lost spectacularly in a General Election doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and enjoy yourself.

That’s why Ed Miliband has packed his glowsticks and jumped on a flight to Ibiza.

The former Labour leader was spotted with his wife Justine on a flight to the White Isle, with sources confirming Miliband was looking to ‘get away from it all’.

What these sources surely mean when they say ‘get away from it all’ is that Miliband is going to be hitting up the likes of Pacha and getting off his face.

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Here are the contenders for the next leader of the Labour Party

| blog, Ed Miliband, L&B World, Labour Party, UK | May 11, 2015

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Ed Miliband announces his resignation as leader at a news conference in London, Britain May 8, 2015. Prime Minister David Cameron won a shock election victory in Britain, overturning predictions that the vote would be the closest in decades to sweep into office for another five years, with his Labour opponents in tatters.    REUTERS/Neil Hall  TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Ed Miliband announces his resignation (Picture: REUTERS/Neil Hall)

The race to become the next leader of the Labour Party officially began yesterday, when the first MP announced that they would be fighting to take Ed Miliband’s old job.

Appearing on the BBC’s Sunday Politics, Liz Kendall confirmed that she would be standing, replying with a simple ‘Yes’ when… Read the full story

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