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We’ve finally hit peak hipster coffee

| blog, Food, L&B World, UK | January 17, 2016

What in blazes is this abomination?

It looks like an experiment circa Year 10 Double Science, but apparently this is what all the cool kids are drinking these days. We’re not exactly sure how it works but it looks like a shot of coffee you mix with the hot water yourself.

Come on baristas, that’s your job.

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Apparently the word for this is ‘deconstructed’, but we’re not quite cool enough to get the point. And it’s not just us: someone on Twitter suggested they should ‘deconstruct the bill by leaving the correct money… Read the full story

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This buffet champion is our idol

| blog, Food, L&B World, Weird, Youtube | January 14, 2016

This guy at a buffet is all of us and we know it
A hero for the new millennium (Picture: YouTube/DeeTee)

Knowing how to maximise a buffet is a life skill.

Maybe you’re at the work canteen and you don’t want to be short changed at the salad bar (who would?) So you load your plastic box, and you load, and you load. And then you fit in an extra spoonful of pasta down the side.

Perhaps you’re more of a Pick ‘n’ Mix kinda person and don’t want to miss out on cola bottles or fried eggs.

Take a lesson from this man, who we shall refer to from this point onwards as Buffet Champion. He’s… Read the full story

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Woman writes negative Tripadvisor review, gets totally shut down by owner’s brilliant response

| blog, Food, L&B World, News | January 14, 2016

Bennett's Cafe & Bistro
Bennett’s Cafe & Bistro (Picture: Facebook / Bennett’s Cafe and Bistro)

When a restaurant charges us for hot water, our immediate thoughts are usually ‘that’s ridiculous’.

But this response to a negative Tripadvisor review will make you re-think the next time you’re out dining.

Hannah C, from North Yorkshire, had met up with friends at Bennett’s Cafe and Bistro in High Petergate, for afternoon tea.


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Because she was on a ‘tight budget’, Hannah had ordered hot water with a ‘thin slice of lemon’, but when the bill came, she was charged… Read the full story

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This app will stop you chucking good food out and give it to your neighbours instead

| blog, Food, L&B World, Tech, Technology | January 9, 2016

Stop chucking away your food (Picture: Olio/Metro)
Stop chucking away your food (Picture: Olio/Metro)

We waste around £700 a year throwing out edible food.

In total, this comes to around £12.5billion a year in the UK – thrown straight in the bin.

Not only does this hurt our pockets, but it’s incredibly bad for the environment and a huge waste of resources – especially when at least a third of the UK is living below the poverty line.

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Teenager ‘fat-shamed by McDonalds staff for ordering six burgers’

| blog, Food, L&B World, UK | January 8, 2016

Sabrina Hopkinson with her daughter Corrina aged 16. See SWNS story SWBURGER: A furious mum has vowed to never eat McDonalds again, after claiming her daughter was "fat-shamed" for ordering SIX cheeseburgers. Sabrina Hopkinson , a mum of four, says she allowed her children a rare treat of burgers and chips over the Christmas holidays, and sent them to the local Maccy Ds. But says she was ìlividî when her eldest daughter Corrina, 16, came home crying and alleged that the till-worker had called her fat while the other staff watched and laughed - because the larger girl ordered a whopping six burgers and four portions of fries. Sabrina, 37, said: ìNormally we have… <a href=Read the full story

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These are without a doubt the creepiest grapes you’ll ever see

| blog, Food, Gross, L&B World, Sainsbury, Weird | December 11, 2015

There is nothing sour about the look of these grapes (Picture: Getty)

There’s nothing better than a nice, juicy bunch of grapes.

They make a thoughtful gift for those in hospital and an excellent addition to a cheese board.

And generally, grapes don’t look like alien penises.

Until now.

Grape Scott, what happened to those? (Picture: Twitter / Milan Tinant)

What. Are. They?

These elongated black grapes are disgusting and fascinating to… Read the full story

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6 foods that are under the threat of extinction

| blog, climate change, Food, L&B World, News | December 3, 2015

xx of your favourite foods facing extinction Getty
Not maple syrup :( (Credit: Getty)

So bananas might be soon becoming extinct thanks to a deadly fungus. And we’re all freaking out a little bit.

It’s not just bananas though. Some of our other favourite foods are currently under threat from changes to our planet – namely climate change.

Turns out our diet would look quite different if global temperatures continue to rise.

Can you imagine life without these things? You might have to.

1) Fish

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This simple trick can STOP your toast landing butter-side down

| blog, Food, L&B World, News, Science | December 2, 2015

Your life will never be the same again after a team of scientists found a trick to ensure toast doesn’t land butter-side down.

Well, we say scientists, but we actually mean children.

But they did drop 100 slices of toast – and found that slices with more butter on tended to land butter-side up.

So as long as you don’t mind consuming about a million calories a slice, you’re in luck.

Graham’s The Family Dairy carried out the experiment with the help of Molly, six, Lily, five, and four-year-old Ernie.

We feel obliged to point out here that as Graham’s is a dairy, they may have some kind of vested interest in making us all eat… Read the full story

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It’s official: Southerners can handle hot curry better than northerners

| blog, Food, L&B World, UK | November 30, 2015

Some like it that way, apparently (Picture: National Pictures)

Another blow has been struck in the age-old battle between southerners and northerners.

Those of us further down the UK have long been slandered as ‘namby pamby’, weak and stuck-up compared to the salt-of-the-earth, friendly, pie-eating North.

But it turns out southerners can handle the heat of a curry much better than their gravy-slurping, rain-soaked brethren.

It’s true: it says it in a map and everything.

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