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Somebody just bought Ed Miliband’s old shoes for £277 (and spent £415 on Jeremy Corbyn’s)

| blog, Ed Miliband, General election 2015, L&B World, UK | December 1, 2015

Picture: Ebay)
(Picture: Ebay)

Slightly bonkers completely normal people have spent millions buying Judy Garland’s dress or Michael Jackson’s glove.

Celebrity memorabilia is irresistible to superfans.

And now it seems Ed Miliband has joined the roll call of famous faces whose possessions can sell for astronomical amounts.

Yes, Miliband’s shoes are now part of the pantheon of sought-after celebrity clothes items.

(Picture: Getty Images)
Former Labour leader, Ed Miliband (Picture:… Read the full story

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Nick Clegg ‘offered to stand down’ as Lib Dem Leader before the 2015 election

| blog, General election 2015, L&B World, Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, UK | June 25, 2015

Nick Clegg just after announcing his resignation as Lib Dem Leader (Picture:Reuters)

Poor old Clegg, he’s had a unpleasant last five years – what with angry party members, aggressive coalition partners and a hostile public.

It now turns out he offered to resign as leader as a result of the Lib Dems disastrous form in the 2014 local elections.

MORE: Russian government kick a man while he’s down by banning Nick Clegg

The Guardian reported that Nick Clegg told a close colleague: ‘If I believe – and I am very close to thinking it – I am the problem and not the solution, I have to stand to one side.’

His friend and mentor, Lord Ashdown, described the aftermath of those elections on the then Deputy Prime Minister as the ‘darkest of… Read the full story

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Nick Clegg easily ripostes Nigel Farage’s jibe about his losses in the General Election

| blog, General election 2015, L&B World, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, UK | June 25, 2015

This would actually make sense, since mining communities are probably still not wholly over their Thatcher hangover.

Hang on, this reminds us of something –

Ah, yes, Game of Thrones.

Don’t forget, Dave…




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