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Here’s how to limit ad tracking on your iPhone (because its on by default)

| Apple, blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech | January 6, 2016


Earlier this week, we showed you a way to remove those irritating default apps clogging up your iPhone’s home screen.

Today, we’ll show you how to limit targeted ads.

The Limit Ad Tracking function has been around for a long time, but because it’s hidden away in Settings plenty of people still have no clue it exists.

iOS gives its advertisers the option to cater ads based on your likes and dislikes. They do this by giving your device a ‘non-personal’ Advertising Identifier that provides information on what ‘group’ you belong to to marketers.

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Some people find this invasive, and though you can’t completely stop targeted advertising in our connected world, you can limit it, and it’s really simple:

Navigate to the Settings app and then scroll down to Privacy. At the very bottom of the Privacy… Read the full story

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You CAN get rid of iPhone’s default apps – here’s how

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech | January 5, 2016

Almost everyone can agree that one of the most irritating things about the iPhone is the default apps and the inability to get rid of them.

It means that you’re condemned to clog up your otherwise pristine home screen with apps like Watch, despite not owning an Apple Watch, or Compass, despite not being a 14th century maritime explorer.

Until now.

videosdebarraquito has the answer, and it’s very straightforward.

Put the apps you want to get rid of into a folder

Drag one app onto another to create a folder.

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There’s a new phone app that’s pretty handy for cheats, drug dealers and people buying stuff on Gumtree

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech, Technology | January 3, 2016

You can register multiple numbers (Picture: Ashitha Nagesh)
You can register multiple numbers (Picture: Ashitha Nagesh)

A new app lets you have multiple numbers on your phone, and it’s got all sorts of (dodgy and legit) uses.

Say you wanted to have a separate work number, cheat on your partner or casually deal some drugs, Swytch allows you to host up to five additional numbers on the same handset.

It’s a free app, and after a six month free trial you pay a subscription fee of £4.99 a month, £14.99 for six months, or £24.99 for a year.

Calls are charged at your local rate (Picture: Ashitha Nagesh)Read the full story

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The new iPhone 7 will be waterproof, rejoice

| Apple, blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech, Technology | January 1, 2016

This designer's impression of the iPhone 7 reveals a much slimmer handset with no home button (Picture: Yasser Farahi)
This designer’s impression of the iPhone 7 reveals a much slimmer handset (Picture: Yasser Farahi)

It is a rare iPhone user who hasn’t managed to drop their phone in a cup of tea, down the loo or just have it ruined by rain.

The old bag of rice trick works sometimes, but once you hear that tell-tale ‘kerplunk’ as your phone slips down the toilet, you generally know it’s sayonara.

The iPhone 7 need to be part from the future and the main part is the… <a href=Read the full story

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What happens when you type ‘lardass’ into your iPhone is brilliant

| Apple, blog, iPhone, Kim Kardashian, L&B World, Tech | December 16, 2015


Go to messages and type lardass into your phone, immediately. We guarantee it will make you smile.

The latest version of Apple’s iOS software performs an autocorrect that has caused great amusement in our office and on that oracle of modern thought – Twitter.

Spoiler alert: If you type lardass, it suggests you might want to write ‘Kardashian’.

The glitch only seems to happen on the 9.2 version of iOS but not older versions.

Whether this is an accident or someone having a bit of geeky tech fun, we don’t know, but we like it.

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(Picture: AP)
Hello… is it me you’re looking for (Picture: AP)

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Here’s the one small thing that’s really been holding back your WhatsApp game

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech, Technology, WhatsApp | December 8, 2015

4 friends sharing on smart phones. Getty
Getting ahead socially could come down to your texting habits (Picture: Getty)

Text messages ending in a full stop come across as less sincere, a new study has found.

The conclusion was drawn following a new study of 126 volunteers, based on a series of exchanges involving an invitation.

Researchers at Binghamton University in New York found those who used full stops after their responses were viewed as less sincere than those who didn’t.

Weirdly, those who used full stops in handwritten notes who were seen as equally sincere as those who didn’t.

So this suggests that the less grammatically correct your texts are, the better. Right?

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It actually happened – Samsung is paying Apple £362m over iPhone patent dispute

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech | December 4, 2015

It's actually happened - Samsung is paying Apple £362m over iPhone patent dispute
Like Romeo and Juliet… sort of (Picture: Getty)

They’ve been rivals for years, and now a court has answered the big question – who copied who?

Samsung have been ordered to pay Apple $548million (£362million) in damages after an Appeals Court ruled the patent for the iPhone belongs to Apple, and that Samsung’s smartphone infringed on the patent.

The long running patent dispute between the two tech giants started in 2011 when Apple accused Samsung of using some of its patents without permission.

In 2012 a court awarded Apple $1billion in damages from Samsung, which was later reduced to $930million on appeal.

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This is why your phone always lands screen down (and usually smashes)

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech | November 26, 2015

This is why your phone always lands screen down (and why it smashes)
(Picture: Getty)

There are few feelings more painful than watching your beloved smartphone plummet to the ground and its screen smash to smithereens.

But why does it always land screen side down?

Research shows that a smartphone screen smashes every 2 seconds somewhere in the world.

A survey conducted by Motorola showed on in three users (about 29 per cent) in the UK are using a device with a cracked screen.

Most of us consider a cracked screen to be pure bad luck; however science suggests that phones are prone to landing screen side down, which is more likely to damage… Read the full story

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A phone that fully charges in just 10 minutes could be on its way

| blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech, Technology | November 16, 2015

Battery life has never been the biggest of selling points for smartphones.

While it’s thrilling to be able to send gifs, shoot and edit pictures or watch films on our phones, if they are just going to run out of charge after an hour and leave us stranded, we’d be better off with our old Nokia 5210.

Help may be at hand, however, with a new device that can fully charge a phone in 10 minutes in production.

Japanese tech company Huawei just revealed a charging cradle that can charge a compatible phone battery to almost 50 per cent in five minutes.

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Apple is officially the world’s most valuable brand

| Apple, blog, iPhone, L&B World, Tech | October 5, 2015

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Opens In San Francisco Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images)

Raise your iPhones in a toast! Apple has been named the ‘most valuable brand’ in the world.

Google came second (sorry, Androids) and Coca Cola third in the list of top 100 global brands released today by Interbrand.

As well as the company’s financial performance, the list looked at the brand’s ability to influence its customers.

The massive success of the iPhone 6S and Apple Watch pushed sales up, and Apple is now worth around £112billion.

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Tech brands dominate the… Read the full story

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