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Londoners prepare to strip off for annual No Trousers Tube Ride

| blog, L&B World, London Underground, Pranks, Weird, Wow | January 6, 2016

People take part in the annual "No Trousers On The Tube Day" event in central London on January 11, 2015. Originally started in the US, the international event, also known as the "No Pants Subway Ride" was created by improvisation group "Improv Everywhere" and sees people taking train journies while wearing no trousers, yet acting as normally as possible. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)
Last year’s No Trousers On The Tube Day went off with quite a bang (Picture: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

No, it’s not a big joke.

Well, it kind of is actually.

The No Trousers Tube Ride (or No Pants Subway Ride) is an annual event started in NYC… Read the full story

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A £13M underwater hotel has just been given the green light

| blog, Environment, L&B World, Travel, World, Wow | December 10, 2015


A long-awaited £13million underwater hotel has just been given the green light after receiving patented approval.

Guests will need to take a lift down to access the hotel, which is technically a vessel as it can move about to avoid storms.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will sit 8.5m below the waves and will provide guests with incomparable panoramic views of the fish kingdom.

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giphy (14)

The rooms come with air conditioning and WiFi if you’ve got a burning desire to check Facebook while you’re down there.

It is now being constructed in Florida and will be moved to an undisclosed location for its first opening season.

The hotel was originally called The Poseidon Underwater Resort but went through a change of name, perhaps due to the popular disaster movie from 1972, The Poseidon Adventure.

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Just some fearless Russians playing chess in a frozen lake

| blog, L&B World, Russia, Weird, Wow | December 6, 2015

Chess is known as being a game of wits – and full concentration is usually needed if you’re serious about beating your opponent.

So we can’t help thinking that playing the classic board game while bathing in a frozen lake might just be a bit of a distraction.

Still, that hasn’t stopped these hardy Russians, who have done just that – stripping down to their undercrackers before plunging into the icy waters and doing battle on the board.

They’re not scared about the prospect in the slightest, and even willingly throw buckets of icy water over each other beforehand without the slightest hint of reluctance.

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This cab driver is the reason why you should clear your call log

| blog, L&B World, Transport, Weird, Wow | December 6, 2015

(Picture: Imgur)
(Picture: Imgur)

There’s a very good reason why it’s sometimes advisable to clear the call log on your phone – and this taxi driver might just be the very proof of that.

On the log, there appears to be a number of regular, run of the mill calls, and then there’s the small matter of the two at the bottom, which appear to have been made to Pornhub.

Presumably because those long hours on the road can get quite lonely, right?

The unusual sight was posted on Reddit by user AlbaMP4, and the driver in question soon attracted his fair share of praise.

‘Don’t judge the man, he’s a gentleman, calling pornhub to thank them… Read the full story

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Ever wondered how much your boobs weigh?

| blog, Body image, L&B World, Viral videos, Weird, Wow | December 2, 2015


The Internet is using hashtag #weightoffmychest to share their boob weight [LOL] (Pic: Curvy Kate)
The Internet is using hashtag #weightoffmychest to share their boob weight [LOL] (Pic: Curvy Kate)
If you ever wanted to know how much your boobs weigh in comparison to random objects – we have the answer.

Underwear brand Curvy Kate used data from Portsmouth university to work it out – and the results will amaze confuse you.

Looking at data for a 32 – 34 back size, researchers found boobs typically weigh 57.5g each for every cup size they go up.

Turns out a C-cup weighs the same as an orange while a K is about the same as a sausage… Read the full story

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Mystery hum around Manchester tower that cannot be silenced

| blog, L&B World, Weird, Wow, Youtube | November 30, 2015

It might sound like something from the opening scenes of Inception – but this bizarre noise is plaguing the streets of Manchester, and it’s being caused by an apartment block.

The Beetham Tower first opened in 2005 – and has been responsible for the sound emerging every time the area is battered by high winds.

The din in question is caused by the building’s glass blade, and engineers have scaled the 47-floor building on a number of occasions to unsuccessfully correct the problem.

In 2012, architect Ian Simpson, who lives in the tower, even apologised for the noise.

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Cancer patient dies after falling on workman’s power saw and needing 61 stitches

| blog, England, Health, L&B World, UK, Wow | November 16, 2015

Mary Riley, from Newcastle, who suffered horrific injuires after tripping over powertools left by a workman. She died 10 months later.nnnnn
Mary Riley never got over the accident according to her daughter (Picture: NCJ Media)

A cancer patient has died after a horrific accident which saw her fall on power tools left out by workmen.

Mary Riley, 70, needed 50 stitches to her head after she tumbled on to a power saw while her home was being renovated.

The pensioner’s knee also needed 11 stitches and she was forced to stop chemo as a result of the incident.

She died ten months later at Iris Steedman House sheltered accommodation in Newcastle.

The work was authorised by landlords Your Homes Newcastle and given to contractors Keepmoat.

Read the full story

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We wouldn’t mind living in this ‘vertical forest’ tower

| blog, Cool, L&B World, World, Wow | November 11, 2015

(Picture: Stefano Boeri)
(Picture: Stefano Boeri)

Italian architect Stefano Boeri has unveiled his plans for a ‘vertical forest’ tower in Switzerland.

Boeri wants his 36-storey tower in Lausanne to be the first in the world to be covered with evergreen trees, a concept the architect first explored with a pair of skyscrapers in Milan.

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(Picture: Stefano Boeri)
(Picture: Stefano Boeri)

It will be a predominantly residential complex, but there will also… Read the full story

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These breaking wave clouds were seen over Colorado

| blog, L&B World, World, Wow | November 3, 2015

breckenridge resort - twitter
(Picture: Breckenridge Resort)

We know it looks like a Photoshop job, but it isn’t.

These clouds resembling breaking waves are a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, caused when two layers of air lying close to each other move at different speeds.

In this case, the top layer is moving faster than the bottom layer, which causes a strain produced by pressure in its structure.The slower air is pushed down, the faster air begins to roll over the top and a wave shape repeatedly forms until the system normalises itself.

When a cloud is caught between the two layers, the result is these breaking wave clouds, seen at the Breckenridge Resort in Colorado.

MORE: An iPhone 6S copy is on sale for £22 in… Read the full story

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Photos of terminally ill patients living their final wish will melt your heart

| blog, Health, L&B World, World, Wow | October 2, 2015

Terminally ill patients living their final wish will melt your heart Link: http://www.ambulancewens.nl/ Link: https://www.facebook.com/wensenrijders/
(Picture: https://www.facebook.com/wensenrijders/)

Terminal illness doesn’t have to be a painful and dehumanising experience – and the Ambulance Wish Foundation are going far in proving that.

Since their inception in 2006, the Dutch organisation has provided hundreds of terminally ill patients with their final wish, often overcoming huge logistical barriers to  given them one final moment of unrivalled enjoyment.

It all started when paramedic Kees Veldboer took a terminally ill patient for one final glimpse at Holland’s Vlaardingen canal while he was being transported between hospitals.

As tears began to stream down the terminally ill man’s face, Veldboer knew that he had tapped into something very special.

Since then, the Ambulance Wish Foundation has… Read the full story

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